The Alpha's BadAss Luna

The Alpha's BadAss Luna

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" Christina " he growled 

" I'm not just you're toy to just say I'm yours  because like hell I'm not " I blurted annoyed crossing my arms and turning my back to him.

" you're mine and that's final " he roared in anger as shivers shook over my body. 

" what are you like my dad now or something ?! " I muttered turning around glaring as i faced him again.

" I'm you're mate and you're mine " 

" stop saying I'm yours ill never be 
yours got it ! " I yelled throwing my arms in the air.

He growled animal like as his nose flared and his eyes changed into a red color. 

I probably should've kept my mouth shut.
Cover by : @ItsLeila1116 c:

After season 3 everyone just ignored Stefan and focused on Damon and his adorableness. I, personally love Stefan the most though. 👐😐
BDWolf1312 BDWolf1312 Jul 23
Who else has watched the 7th season of Vampire Diaries, I have
- - Jun 21
Do not speak of Oreos or ice cream unless you're planning on getting me some
yazzie0821 yazzie0821 Jul 13
That's utter Bulls**t right there Vampire diaries is just as stûpid as Twilight
'Dont want to let that breast out of its cage' dafuq *laughs alot*
When Bonnie told Elena about her being a witch it was WAAAAY before Damon compelled Elena from the love confession. If I remember correctly.