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My Intruder *Deleting?*

My Intruder *Deleting?*

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ElizabethG02 By ElizabethG02 Completed

Daenerys father has trained her to be able to fight even the biggest and baddest of all men. With a father who is a retired military officer she never really catches a break. She grew up learning to fight, and survive. She's considered one of the best fighters among her fathers military friends, and it's all because of her "ability" as most call it. She thinks its just a freak thing, and that she just has strong instincts. But it's so much more than that, and she's starting to learn why. When she feels a man watching her, she feels like she's going crazy because every time she turns around no one is there. So, when she feels someone behind her in her own home she doesn't question it. She pulls out two knives, ready to fight but when she turns no one is there. Daenerys starts to think that this "ability" is just messing with her head, and shorting out. But when she meets a beautiful stranger her true destiny is unfolded before her eyes.

meloserdoff meloserdoff Apr 27
Why is it that boys always have such long and pretty eyelashes? What do they need them for?
musicangel1230 musicangel1230 Dec 25, 2016
Wait that was just a warm up ... Dude that's like half my workout. 😧
5soser87 5soser87 Jun 17, 2016
You don't know it now but maybe one day you'll realize you really are in a story
lord_of_the_skittles lord_of_the_skittles Oct 14, 2016
I can barely jog for 2 minutes and do 3 pushups on a good day, god damn...