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Blue-Rose-Fountain By DisneyDraco Updated Jul 20

"Dre!"  I yell agitatedly as he blocks the classroom exit, holding me hostage.

"Hailey, come on don't do me like this? Be my partner for the project." The dark haired boy begs and pouts with his lower lip.

I'm not falling for it. 

"Oh my gosh! How many times do I have to tell you? Go away. " I fold my arms. "Shoot, I know kids who've had an easier time getting rid of cancer." I mumble underneath my breath

He tilts his head to the side and smirks at me, "That's funny, are you trying to say I'm worse than cancer? " 

"It's not as funny if I have to explain it." I nudge Dre in the side and he let me go. 

"You do know I have cancer right?" His word echos in my brain and I freeze. 


The bad boy has cancer?

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