Corrupted Power [A Hetalia Cardverse Fanfiction]

Corrupted Power [A Hetalia Cardverse Fanfiction]

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China stole my computer By Hetaweebs Updated 2 days ago

Cover and story are Admin China's and Admin America's. The head cannons we use are a mixture of our own and KyoKoon64 on youtube (Mostly their's though)

"I looked into those beautiful sky blue eyes that I loved so much," 

"The flowers are beautiful! I can't wait to make a crown for you.~" 

"I couldn't help but smile at how cute the two were together." 

"I love you, I would never try to hurt you."

 "I hope you stay safe."

 "Don't hurt him...."

 "Even with that stone expression, I know you love me.~"

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