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My Teacher's Obsession

My Teacher's Obsession

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PossiblyStayx By PossiblyStayx Updated Dec 18, 2016

"I need you, Ally. You're all I want. Every time I see you my heart beats faster, and I can't control myself." He looked me in the eyes with so much lust. He tightened his hold on my wrist. "P-please Mr. Morrison Let me go you're hurting me!" I just wanted to run, to run and hide so no one could find me. Especially him. "If I can't have you, then no one can." His eyes darkened as he walked out of the girls restroom. I slid down the stall door hugging myself, probably thinking I could protect myself from him. What have I gotten myself in to?

What would you do if you had a new Math teacher your senior year, who was really attractive? What would you do if he seemed to have liked you and you thought you felt the same? But you also knew how much trouble you could get in for even touching him in a way that a normal student wouldn't. Most importantly, what would you do if you got involved with a teacher who suddenly had this strange obsession with you, and he'd do anything to have you? That's what happened to Ally. And she's scared.

IAmASandwitch IAmASandwitch Jul 08, 2016
Allergic to chocolate? Oml, thats... blasphemous!!!! Oh Lord, that is so sad 😥😭
tararadford tararadford Sep 04, 2016
This will be me Wednesday when I start college😂😂🙋🏼🙋🏼
IAmASandwitch IAmASandwitch Jul 08, 2016
... In my school we have uniform 😕 but girls have to wear their skirts above there knee if that counts...
CandyApril123 CandyApril123 6 days ago
None of my teacher's are " insanely good looking" 😒 ( no offense 'teachers' )