The Bad Boy Next Door (on hold until further notice)

The Bad Boy Next Door (on hold until further notice)

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the name's kayla ;) By __keke125 Updated Jul 04, 2016

Ashley isn't a goody goody, but she isn't much of a rebel either.

But when the dangerous and rebelious Adrian Stevenson moves next door to her house, what will happen?

Will she find out that he isn't that cruel, and that under all of that 'bad boy' show, he's a really sweet and caring guy.

Or will she ignore him and not give him a chance to show her his real self?


WARNING: not edited yet so there WILL BE grammatical errors!!

cover by: worldgirlalways

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flaminhawtcheetos flaminhawtcheetos Oct 25, 2016
Everyone have to kinda feeling we hate our last day of week end
Hiresis Hiresis Jul 13, 2016
"You know I could've punch him for you. "Ashley glares my way. l put my hands up in surrendering mode and said"What, just saying"
Mackluv15 Mackluv15 Aug 07, 2016
I'm a murderer!!!!!😫😫😫😖😖😖😖😱😱😱 but they're so yummy😅🙈
Mackluv15 Mackluv15 Aug 07, 2016
Dang it I was really hoping he wasn't one of those guys (sighs)
Amber_P704 Amber_P704 Jan 01
When I see the video I'm like "what know . Why the *ell did he do that. No, why her." When I listen to the song and see the video I cry.
Amber_P704 Amber_P704 Jan 01
Bruh. Before he said the name I was imagining how he looks like. But thats my cousins' name and the image  is messed up for me now. Lol. I'll have to imagine the guy on the cover od this book.