Bulletproof Love | Jason McCann

Bulletproof Love | Jason McCann

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bizzlexrose By bizzlexrose Updated Oct 28, 2015

*Contains Mature Content*

"But you make me feel like I'm crazy and that it's my fault!" She cried, as she repeatedly punched his chest.

He caught her hands, and gripped it tight. He hushed her sudden movement. "Baby, don't think that way."

His breath hitches as he clutched his side. He groaned out loud in pain as he caress her bruised cheeks with his bloody hands. The more he moves, the more the blood seeps out. Blair gasped and her eye got more glossy. 

"All I ever did was to make you happy!" Her cries is the only thing you'd hear. 

"You did. You made me feel loved." His words slightly took some weight off her shoulders. "That's all I could ask for. "

Blair cried and kissed his lips passionately. She moved away breathless. "Come on, let's go somewhere safe. You're all I have left."

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Lovinglife4ver Lovinglife4ver Jan 08, 2017
You can try but i dont think your going to get that far son🔫 lol
DarkRomanceLover DarkRomanceLover Jul 13, 2015
I am one of your biggest fans as well! Please update. Don't leave us hanging after making that amazing trailer on YouTube and everything! :)
emmx_yu emmx_yu Jun 28, 2015
Hello ! I'm a really big, big fan of your story. Seriously, you're amazing. I would like to know if i could translate it in french ? Of course you will own all credits, don't worry. So please answer me :)
ElenaHammer ElenaHammer Apr 17, 2015
The walking dead is on Sunday.....Is she working on Sunday ?