The Girl From The Orphanage

The Girl From The Orphanage

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RWBYSchnee By RWBYSchnee Updated Aug 09

A Dazai Osamu x OC fanfiction.

Minami Alister was an old friend of Atsushi Nakajima's, they had both suffered in that orphanage. One day Minami snuck out of the building and looked at the starry night.

"What are you doing?" 

Minami looked behind her seeing Atsushi. "I was looking at the sky, " Minami replied.

Atsushi then looked up as well seeing that this night was romantic and sat down next to the girl who was next to him.

"You know we can't be out here without permission, right?" 

The girl nodded and slightly moved her hand next to Atsushi's as she started dozing off to sleep.


Minami and Atsushi have been separated these last few years; Minami was now part of the Port Mafia while Atsushi has joined the Armed Detective Agency (with the help of Dazai Osamu and Doppo Kunikida).

Minami joined the Mafia because she was in debt with a certain ginger-haired male, Chuuya Nakahara. 

Ever since he joined the Agency, Atsushi has been determined to find Minami but he isn't the one who finds her. Dazai Osamu is the one who finds the girl. Dazai experiences what's called "love at first sight" once he sees Minami. But he doesn't know what to do about his little crush on the girl. After all, she was his friend's childhood friend.