It's All Over Fairytail

It's All Over Fairytail

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Lizzy By Milkurii Completed

Lucy has been ignored ever since Lisanna has come back from the "dead" ( Edolas ). Almost the whole guild has been ignoring her. A few close friends are still talking to her but the worst has yet to come. Lucy vows to have her vengeance and leaves Fairytail. 

She then finds a girl named Violet and they become very close but what happens and an evil spirit comes back to haunt Violet and have it's own revenge too? A bunch of confusing plot twists and a crazy adventure for both :)

Ok I suck at descriptions so ya... And this was also my FIRST story ever (I wrote this under the user name @melody160) so I'm sorry if this really sucks  *cough cough* started this in like 2014 *cough cough CRINGES SO HARD* I swear this isn't like my current writing >.<

Cover by @Chenvevo

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mookvevo mookvevo Jul 14, 2016
after a year here i think i am actually going to read my friends' works lol
Squinkiegirl1 Squinkiegirl1 Jul 10, 2016
Awe I hope it's up soon I was really looking forward to reading it
deletedeleteddd deletedeleteddd Jun 20, 2016
Omg thew😅 I freaked out when I thought it was gone forever!