Securing Arms | Baby!DekuAU | Bakudeku

Securing Arms | Baby!DekuAU | Bakudeku

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Fufu By FufuJJdos1 Completed

Deku, or Izuku Midoriya has mysteriously transformed into a child overnight. With only his memories at 3 years old he can only rely on his childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugou. Bakugou, against his own will is forced to take care of the toddler by even his teachers, seeing the young Midoriya doesnt seem to remember anyone else. 

However, when the small Deku ages and memories of Kacchanʻs bullying floods in, how will the child react to his rather aged former best friend. Will Bakugou reassure the weary toddler that he no longer means any harm, or will the explosive teen give up on him?

Platonic??????? Idk im bad at writing ships ;;;;
TW: Swearing

Published: Jul. 11 2019
Completed: Jul. 19 2019
Edited: Oct. 3 2019


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