Dad stop.

Dad stop.

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itsjenney1234 By itsjenney1234 Updated Feb 24, 2015

I dry my sore body,and wobble down stairs nude. I walk into the dinning room and saw my mom puting spegeti meatballs in plates. She was also naked. When she saw me. 
She said, "HAve a seat." She said as she came towards me. I smiled slyly.

She put a hand on my back, and whispered to my ear, "He hates it when girls cross their arms, it covers our tits." She said as she rubbed circles on my clit.

I imediatly uncross my hands, and i take a seat. My dad walks in, he was wearing nothing but boxers. When he saw us he smirked. 

"Lets have dinner." He said as he takes a seat next to me. My moom takes a seat across from us.

I shove the spegetti in my mouth, and ate it.

I felt my dad lay a hand on my theigh, i didn't do anything just ate. His hands moved to my clit. He rubbed circles and my body resonded by slowly getting wet. 

he scooted his chair on mine. I look at him. He takes two meat balls, and there was one spegetti in the middle and i just open my mouth in question.

He shoved it i...

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