Julien's Story: The Unbelievable Life of Lynn Carmina

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~ ♥ AWESOMENESS ♥ ~ By Crisann1976 Updated 4 years ago
This is a short companion story to The Unbelievable Life of Lynn Carmina told in Julien Thomas’ point of view. If you haven't read the original story through chapter 23, then I beg you to do so, so that you don't ruin the surprises that unfold in it. This work encompasses the time line and events of that story. It will be in a few parts and continue until the end of the original story. Let’s get deeper into the thoughts of Julien and understand just how his mind works and what drives him to pursue Lynn.
the marriage thing is kind of strange... but different stokes right...
I never finished my last bit it was just to say u picked the best person for pierce OMFG HOW HOT??? I lurve Jason Statham soooo yummmy!!!!!!:D