Operation Snowflake (Book 1)

Operation Snowflake (Book 1)

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"I hate being different, I hate it."
"If everyone in the world was the same, the world would be so boring. That's what makes you so special, you aren't like everyone else. You're different and I like it."

(Quote inspired by @TalkinLessSmilinMore)

One night in Chicago, there was a girl named Ever Wills was just walking home from a friend's party when she walked into a misteriest alleyway. A voice tells her to come closer when suddenly a second, she disappears. 

Aiden Eagles is only a sixteen year old boy who has caused some trouble and some mischief lately. In order to clear his reputation and start a new one, when he hears the news about a friend from his school going missing, he takes the case with a partner named Melody Hicks, Delanie and Dillan Griffs and they start on an adventure meeting some others along the way. But what Aiden learns is that he's not normal as he thought he was...

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