america's bad boy & his bodyguard | ✓

america's bad boy & his bodyguard | ✓

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Being the president's son certainly wasn't what people would've expected. Vans Coin, son of the first Latino president for the United States, was anything but perfect. In fact, he was a troublemaker, made money off of dirty street fights, and went against authority - which might've just landed him in a situation he can't possibly back out of.

Everyone becomes who they are for a reason, and it's Imogen Moze's job as his new personal bodyguard to protect him from the world and himself, all while he's trying not to fall for the carrot-haired beauty.

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[contains mistakes so locate your cHilL]
[italian translation by ; sophbird]
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Mary .....
                              Evelyn’s son has the middle name Mary....?
like_dope like_dope Nov 13, 2017
Can your dad actually be president please because, well...we currently have a situation in the White House, you see...
LazySide LazySide Oct 02, 2017
My dad and his friends used to find cars on his and flip them over. Never got caught. It was a shitty thing to do but certainly not the worst.
_Fangirl_74 _Fangirl_74 Jul 12, 2017
Psh...yeah...ya know. Absolutely no big deal. I mean it's not like it's one of the most secure places in America.
So Zavier somehow became president? When did this happen!? Did I miss the election?!