america's bad boy & his bodyguard | ✓

america's bad boy & his bodyguard | ✓

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Being the president's son certainly wasn't what people would've expected. Vans Coin, son of the first Latino president for the United States, was anything but perfect. In fact, he was a troublemaker, made money off of dirty street fights, and went against authority - which might've just landed him in a situation he can't possibly back out of.

Everyone becomes who they are for a reason, and it's Imogen Moze's job as his new personal bodyguard to protect him from the world and himself, all while he's trying not to fall for the carrot-haired beauty right in front of him. 

* * * * *
[contains mistakes so locate your cHilL]
[italian translation by ; sophbird]
»Teen Fiction #19
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KarlaMonster KarlaMonster Oct 21, 2016
A/N: Ugh let me just say i love this part. Wish he existed to save us from this disaster
lowkeystyles lowkeystyles Nov 27, 2016
Okay obviously all these comments read the other book so I guess I should read the other book so I'm blasting and i will be back lol.
AHugFromDeath AHugFromDeath Oct 27, 2016
okay, did anyone one else come here after reading the sample bg and the gb because I was not expecting to see Zavier as president....
wusgood143 wusgood143 Nov 10, 2016
I just realized that Zavier loved Vans, had a whole collection of them
Harryishh_ Harryishh_ Nov 06, 2016
LolUnicornGirl LolUnicornGirl Nov 05, 2016
Just today i read hers and zavier story i love her😂✋🏻🙌🏻