america's bad boy & his bodyguard | ✓

america's bad boy & his bodyguard | ✓

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Being the president's son certainly wasn't what people would've expected. Vans Coin, son of the first Latino president for the United States, was anything but perfect. In fact, he was a troublemaker, made money off of dirty street fights, and went against authority - which might've just landed him in a situation he can't possibly back out of.

Everyone becomes who they are for a reason, and it's Imogen Moze's job as his new personal bodyguard to protect him from the world and himself, all while he's trying not to fall for the carrot-haired beauty.

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[contains mistakes so locate your cHilL]
[italian translation by ; sophbird]
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Mary .....
                              Evelyn’s son has the middle name Mary....?
EmenLOL EmenLOL Mar 03
Guys I don't think the author means LONG hair, but like maybe overgrown short hair... Meh, I'm imagining more of a black version of Yuri's hair from Yuri On Ice
NJTheKTrash NJTheKTrash 6 days ago
Idc and idk what civics is but anyone else read that as black lace heels? No one.. Just me? Okay bye
My dads a roofer so it's only natural for me to be able to be on roofs.
like_dope like_dope Nov 13, 2017
Can your dad actually be president please because, well...we currently have a situation in the White House, you see...
stormageddon11 stormageddon11 2 days ago
My small boat just turned into a ship and also kinda reminds me of lams