The Art of Falling (On Hold)

The Art of Falling (On Hold)

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Daisy By EurasianDaisy Updated Oct 29

For her, Bennett Brier, soccer captain for her school's team, lived in a world separate from her own. He was the picture-perfect guy, and had been her crush for over seven years. Except, he was the crush of plenty of other girls at Westwood High, and there was certainly no chance that he would choose her over one of them.

For him, Autumn Marr was just the cute girl a few seats over. She always seemed in her own little bubble, and he would have never thought she would want anything to do with him. They were in different cliques, they had different friends, they didn't have anything in common.

Until one day, everything changed: they met. 

Drawn together by feelings they'd never imagined, Autumn and Bennett may learn to find that they have much more in common than they thought. But when secrets are made known and tensions run high, will Ben find a way to save Autumn from the most frightening thing of all... herself?

WARNING: This story contains strong themes involving mental illness and addiction.

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