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But I'm Straight (Phan AU)

But I'm Straight (Phan AU)

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juliette By phanation Updated Jun 19, 2016

"But I'm straight." 

Those three words are the words that take Phil over the edge. Like his world is crashing down on him. What's up with his constant flirting and his cheeky smiles and lovey dovey eyes. Phil knows something's up, and he's determined to find out what that something is.  //warning: swearing, self harm, and eventually smut//

I feel like everybody wants to live in California but I'm over here in Ohio like I either want to stay here or move to Ireland somewhere
bananaphans bananaphans a day ago
Wait so are you saying burgers don't exist in England. And the only food there is fish and chips?!? Common sense tells me that's incorrect