The Wandering Witch

The Wandering Witch

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Wallen By lastwill- Updated Nov 27

In the medieval continent of Terrall, the existence of witches and wizards are rare. Feared and persecuted by some while revered and glorified by others, most of them choose to live their lives safe in secrecy.

    But not all.

    Enter the Western kingdom of Uldard, where rumors of a nefarious 'Snow Witch' who leaves destruction in her wake has reached the people's ears---including a homeless, talented, and quick-witted thief named Noct (nicknamed the Crow Thief), who holds an intense and rooted resentment towards those of her kind. 

    Noct, however, one day finds himself deceived by fate when he chooses the wrong person to steal from: a seemingly harmless girl with white hair and unnaturally silver eyes named Chell. When Noct finds out that Chell is actually the rumored Snow Witch, the tables are then turned and instead of distancing himself away from her, an unavoidable series of events and circumstances leads to him and the girl creating an oath to each other: for him to protect her and for her to repay him. 

    As the two start to travel together, Noct soon discovers that there's something more darker to the Snow Witch than what first meets the eye, and, in turn, Chell finds out that there's something more hidden behind the Crow Thief underneath his reckless facade. 

    It's only a matter of time, though, before the pair soon realize that their fates may actually be tied much more deeply and firmly than what they had initially thought.

    A witch. 

    A thief. 

    A curse. 

    A promise. 

    This is the unlikely tale of two completely contrasting people and their long, perilous journey.

| semiweekly updates
| #104 in Fantasy (9/30/16)
| beautiful cover by @cranerain!

Are these all different kingdoms?! So damn I literally can't wait. Ot was worth checking wattpad tonight!
xramen xramen Jul 16
Yayyyy!!! Good to know you won't have over 500 chapters like I assumed ;P
                              (Tbh I thought this was an update so I got really excited bc noct vs worrick but my dreams have been crushed and burned to a crisp)
Oh god, I'm really glad I got recommended this! *Excitement overload*
                              It was suddenly in my recommended list and author-chin's already awesome!~
                              Candies~~~ <333
                              //noms on lollipop//
walster! this is just the beginning but i'm already getting the feels! and the summary is just too smart. just. too. smart. that i already. love. it.
                              ACCCCKKKKK!!!!! <33
I love these kind of stories, can't wait to keep reading! *happy joyful screams* 😜