Once Upon a Taxi (ON HOLD)

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Tanya :) By colourfulsprinkles Updated a year ago
A Taxi. A New Job. A Forgotten Enemy.
       That’s how it started—or re-started to be exact.
       Valerie Summers, a twenty-two year old full of secrets, just wanted to forget everything bad that’s ever happened in her life, and she was almost successful until He re-entered her life. Christian Reyes is back, but his time he’s looking for answers and Valerie can’t deny the requests of her new boss, right? Valerie is just as stubborn as Christian and adamant to keep her secrets to herself, but as she finds herself in a messy situation, how long will it be until the truth finally comes out?
           Buckle up your seat belts everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride because when a naïve introvert and a gorgeous, but stubborn, grudge-holding businessman collide… well let’s just say, it’s a perfect recipe for disaster. 
    And it all began, Once Upon A Taxi…
damn calm down all she did was take the taxi like wow. chill man
Does she have a choice dude? You want an answer are you serious!?
ITS OKAY MAN SHE CANT CONTROL HER FLAMES SHE IS TOO HOT *music from behind* Damn it feels good to be a gangster
ohgosh ohgosh ohgosh did she spend more time on iFunny than talking to him?
                                    It's okay. You and me both, Val.
Sounds like something a prostitute would say.........................