CASTLE ~ Volturi Kings

CASTLE ~ Volturi Kings

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Skylar Leighton By adamantiumwolf15 Updated Aug 17

Regina Stoker was a Normad, a traveller, who although liked to stay on familiar territory, wanted to see what the world could hold for someone like her. 

She's never been the sociable type, and helping the Cullens with their Volturi problem, certainly doesn't help that. 

Despite being surrounded by a variety of covens, (who were essentially vampire families,) she still didn't fit in. She still couldn't find the coven, the family that was for her.

That all changed, however, when the Volturi arrived. After claiming to be her mates, and inviting her to their home in Volterra, Italy, she couldn't help but feel somewhat a part of a family again, after being alone so long. 

[Started: 9/7/19]

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