Mommy's Little Killer Bunny 21+ // Jungkook FF

Mommy's Little Killer Bunny 21+ // Jungkook FF

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❤️방탄 사랑❤️ By bangtanlove71 Updated Aug 12

Years After His Parents' Murder, Jungkook's Mental Disorder Worsened, Increasing His Thirst For Revenge. Later On, Jungkook Was Forced Into The Mafia And Fell In Love With Y/N, The Head Of The Mafia.

Knowing The Ruthless Leader She Is, Jungkook Informed His Mommy, Letting Her Train Him To Kill And Fight. And Sometimes, Do New Things In Bed. Taking In The Information, Y/N Was Determined To Find The Murderers And Boy, Did She Have No Mercy.

Why? Let's Just Say NOT ONE Single Soul Will Ever See The Light Of Day If They Ever Hurt Her Kookie.

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