Tsubasa RoMANCE CHRoNiCLE | Syaoran x Sakura Quotes

Tsubasa RoMANCE CHRoNiCLE | Syaoran x Sakura Quotes

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Tsubasa Kurono By kurotsuba Completed

"Even if we repeat this tragic journey once more...
The end of the beginning,
Marks the beginning to everything."

A collection of poetic quotes retelling Syaoran's and Sakura's journey in the "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle" series by Clamp. Written with a touch of originality and my personal take on the manga story while drafting my own crossover fanfiction project, "Tsubasa Another Chronicle".


Tsubasa Romance Chronicle / Tsubasa: Another Chronicle
by Tsubasa Kurono.
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic © CLAMP.
Cover: Manga Vol. 23 © CLAMP.

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