i loved her ⇝ billy hargrove x reader

i loved her ⇝ billy hargrove x reader

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"you're not a fuck-up, billy. you've just fucked up. there's a big difference."

"thanks for those wise words."

"I love how you portray the characters! They act and talk like it's straight out of the show. I truly feel like I'm in the show when I read this book." - @Bitch-Official

"i honestly think this is an amazing book. good plot, no out-of-character characters, and has a sweet author writing it :)" - @fvllengalaxies

"...absolutely to die for. your writing style helped bring me closer to all the characters and evokes emotions really well. an overall outstanding read and i would recommend to any and everyone!" - @SCRWDBXTCH

started : jul. 7th, 2019
completed : aug. 2nd, 2019 

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