Bloodlust ( Hemlock Grove Fan Fiction )

Bloodlust ( Hemlock Grove Fan Fiction )

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IslesAndGlaciers_ By IslesAndGlaciers_ Updated Jul 16, 2014


Chapter One .. 


       I walk towards the gas station and into the mini mart with a smile on my face  at 10 at night . I enter the bathroom and lock the door behind me . As I stare into the mirror , I study my features . Midnight black hair , gray piercing eyes , light skin soft to the touch & my shortness of 5'3 . I laugh showing my sort of straight teeth . My name is Alysha Stonem .

     I leave the bathroom and pick up a pack of gum , suddenly I turn to see someone entering the mini mart . I stare in awe . He looks magnificent . Very tall , dark blonde hair , lush lips , and such beautiful blue eyes . 

   " Wow , " I say mesmerized . He turns to me in confusion . I turn back quickly feeling my face heat up . Shit , shit , shit now he thinks im weird . I think to myself . As I turn around to walk to the counter near the entrance to pay for my gum pack , he is there in front of me looking down upon me . I jump being frightened by his presence .

         " Gos...