Stalkers of the Alien Type

Stalkers of the Alien Type

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Reese Canton was captured on her way home by a pair of seemingly unresponsive twins. Now, after waking up on an entirely new planet, she finds fourteen other girls her age and a Prince that they are supposedly trying to capture the heart of. With no clue as to how they got here or why they were chosen, everyone jumps right into the competition to win over the most elusive bachelor on Mire. 

Except for Reese. She doesn't give a fuck.

With unseen torment lurking behind every corner, she will have nothing but her wit to save her. Follow Reese as she battles crazy bitches, wild animals, and a royal best friend that raises every red flag in her head.

Oh, and did I mention there's a love triangle brewing? And not between the men on this planet but the "evil forces". God damn evil forces.

I hope you brought a tooth brush. You're in for a long ride.

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kimberlysweetgirl kimberlysweetgirl Apr 11, 2017
Why every book i read the mean female characters are blond😑
ItzBeckyxx ItzBeckyxx Mar 16, 2017
So she can can remember the hookers name but not her neighbours? Hahaha. Basically me
ProminentWonders ProminentWonders Apr 10, 2017
Well, they don't call me the cookie monster for no reason. 😎😏
Mortal_Beauty Mortal_Beauty Oct 10, 2016
ToxicChemicalCathy ToxicChemicalCathy Sep 18, 2016
I got me some oreos, chocolate chip, macadamia nut cookies, sugar, ginger snaps, white chocola- You know what? All ya need to know is I got some cookies.
LizzieLove1693 LizzieLove1693 Feb 12, 2017
Cookies with some sea salt caramel blue bells ice cream! 😍