Mother of Wolves (Game of Thrones)

Mother of Wolves (Game of Thrones)

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Valyria Stark is the daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn Stark as well as the twin of Robb Stark. She is fiercely loyal towards her family, some of whom hate her, and her close friends. As the war continues she changes and is no longer the kind, caring young girl she was, she becomes a strong, intelligent woman. However, under her skin a beast lays dormant and threatens to wreak havoc.

Hunter Baratheon is the youngest brother of King Robert Baratheon and struggles with the feelings he bears. He's a powerful warlock, but has chosen to hide it and use his power only in secret. Thinking he is completely alone, he locks himself away and has a habit of not talking unless spoken to, even though he is caring and wise beyond his years. His magic keeps him away from most, but what if it brings him together with two unlikely allies and friends?

Allister Ellwood, the current Lord of Nightwell, is betrothed to a woman he has never even met. All he wants if for his brother to turn eighteen so he can become Lord of Nightwell so Allister can relax and improve his magic and sword skills. When he discovers who he is to be married to, he joins the War of the Five Kings to help her, but discovers that he could not love her as more than a friend.

What will happen when Valyria, Allister and Hunter meet for the first time? Will sparks fly between two of them? Can they stay friends despite the Lannisters using their usual tricks to split them apart? Will they all get out alive?

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