My Husband and My Mate

My Husband and My Mate

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Lynda Jaeger By Lynda79 Updated Jan 21, 2015

Victoria believed she had the perfect life. A loving husband and two beautiful children, it couldn't get better than this. At least, until the night of the attack. Michael found her, saved her. Since then, things are off with her. She's healing faster than what the doctors can explain, and she feels something inside of her growing. When the full moon came and she transformed, her only thoughts were her family. How could they accept the new her. She was a monster.

  Michael didn't care what his wife has turned into. It was just another side of her to love. He loves his wife, his Tori, he thought his world had ended when he found her battered and covered in blood. He wouldn't know what to do without her.

  Damon, as Alpha, has been chasing his sister's killer for months. When he came upon him attacking a human he lost it. He had his revenge. He left the poor human there for her family to find. Cold, but they would have the closure they would need. Imagine his surprise when he hears of yet another rogue in his lands. Not only is the rogue the female he left beside the road, the rogue is his mate.

  How will Victoria choose between the love of her human life and the soulmate of her new life? Will she even have to choose at all? Or will unseen forces destroy them all?

Lynda79 Lynda79 Dec 21, 2014
@Sunshinelover17 you go to your profile and look for the teeny tiny edit button. looks like a camera I believe. thanks for reading!
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I really like your book. I have been reading wattpad for ages , only just joined tho so... how do you change profile pic
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lol! its not just your phone, its wp. for some odd reason, it takes a while to view on the mobile version. you are so sweet!
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@Lynda79  I saw that!  The app on my phone doesn't seem to want to show me updates but because I am becoming addicted to your story, I find myself jumping onto my desktop to double check.  Good thing I did too!  ;)
msbear920 msbear920 Jul 30, 2014
Loving the story so far! The concept is amazing and I cannot wait to read it fully. I'm impatiently waiting for your next update!
ButterflyFingers ButterflyFingers Jul 14, 2014
Girl, I hope you update the first chapter soon! I am sure we all are dying to see what will happen! OMW. I. AM. YOUR. FIRST. COMMENT. EVER! EEEPPPPPPPPPPP!