twisted // michael clifford au

twisted // michael clifford au

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"Have you ever considered for like a second," I rolled my eyes at him immediately, "let me finish. Just a second, to try something your little uptight friends would disapprove of." 

I thought about it. "Obviously, I can't recall anything I have ever tried. Not a fair proposition." I sighed. This amnesia shit was beyond frustrating. 

"Even better. Think of anything. Something you've seen on a movie, read in a book, saw on MTV. Go wild." 

I smirked. I was going to do just that. "I don't remember ever getting high in the parking lot of a pizza place, then going inside to eat a shit ton of pizza." I smiled at the music video I still remember ogling at when I was ten, wanting desperately to be a teenager. "You got it." he started the car, and another unpredictable night began. 

In the midst of regaining her memory and getting her life back to where it was, everything gets twisted, to say the least- all thanks to one boy.

* Inspired by Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin

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Okay im like 90% sure I've read this somewhere before but i'm gonna read it again cuz I don't really remember what happens
Broadway_Writing Broadway_Writing Jan 27, 2017
after every single step she was falling to the nexy, before i knew it it was serious. Drag me up the stairs to the backseat of the ambulance...
corbeanbessonnn corbeanbessonnn Nov 25, 2016
Luke Hemectasy
                              Calum Hookah
                              Michael Clocaine
                              Ashton Irweed
                              those are the drugs I take
adorable_micky adorable_micky Jun 21, 2015
just saying that was such a good way to start im bow hooked on your book. x