THE VOID || stranger things

THE VOID || stranger things

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• ° *✸࿐      LANA ARCHER USED TO BE HAPPY. She used to be loved by all. She used to love photographing any and all events for the Hawkins High yearbook committee, alongside her best friend Maggie. She used to love annoying her little brother Noah and his party of friends with her not-so-good singing. She used to be in love. But that all changed when she lost Victor Amon to the Hawkins quarry in the summer of 1982.

      No longer is Lana Archer the happy-go-lucky girl she used to be. With a guarded heart, she acts like life is still okay, with a few exceptions. No longer is she loved by all, welcomed with open arms. No longer does she capture the livelihood of Hawkins High, her smile as bright as the flash of her camera. No longer does she annoy her brother and his friends with her bad singing. No longer does she let herself love new people. But then, on November 6, 1983, Noah Archer's close friend Will Byers goes missing, plunging the Archer siblings into a dark world of fear and mystery.

      With monsters running rampant, hormones running high, and death waiting around every corner, Lana must fight like she never has before―or risk losing herself to the void.

season one - two | slow burn
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