Take a Hint (Grell x Reader)

Take a Hint (Grell x Reader)

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PlusSizeMermaid By CreativityIsASkill Updated Jan 13, 2017

What happens at 2:00 am for me 
(y/f/n) or (y/n ) Your first name 
(y/l/n) or (l/n) Your Last name 
(e/c ) Your Eye Color
(h/c) your Hair color 
(s/c ) Your Skin Color
(f/c ) Favorite color 
(s/f/c ) Second Favorite color 
(might be more ) 
Your Workers are here to Help!:
Suita: Maid
Teara: Taylor
Maya: Entertainer
Sissy: Gardener
Gem: Cook
Suika: Gardener/Maid/Driver 

This is my first X reader so sorry if its terrible :)

but Here it is

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**runs to mirror**
                              Me: BLOODY MARY BLOODY MARY BLOODY MARY!
                              Bloody mary: not you again-_-
Crying-Fire Crying-Fire Jul 31, 2017
Okay that escalated quicker than I originally thought it would.
YukiStupeoSlingby YukiStupeoSlingby Jun 13, 2017
Tbh my hair is too short for a bun. I look like Eric Slingby...
_John_Hamilton_ _John_Hamilton_ Dec 01, 2016
Honestly hearing
                              Your pale arm rapped around his neck
                              Isn't the most romantic thing in the world
corraymusic corraymusic Jun 08, 2016
Well then...
Wallflower122002 Wallflower122002 Jul 19, 2015
As soon as a glass of water was said I thought they were thinking of the song by discord