The Eleven

The Eleven

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Changes to the environment were only half of it. We changed too. Not everyone, just us kids. And not all the kids. Half of us remained the same whilst the other half, well, we mutated, becoming freaks; physically and mentally. We discovered our gifts. 

The government made us weapons to use against the hostile alien species called Sypherens; "why risk one of the humans when you can send out the Mutants." The first few were praised heroes until they died. Times have changed since then. Now, they treat us like inanimate objects, with no worth or value. 

We were ranked on our threat levels; how dangerous our gifts made us, from one to ten; ten being the most dangerous yet the rarest. I was a three. Tens were kept in almost complete isolation whereas The Ones were practically harmless.

The one thing that I've learnt from being at The Camp; trust yourself and only yourself. And I have to say, I'm sorry for lying. But lying keeps you alive. It's kept me alive.

My name is Arden and I am The Eleven.


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