Tutor (Lab Rats Fanfiction)

Tutor (Lab Rats Fanfiction)

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Lauren By ungerlover Updated Aug 15, 2015

"Avalon, I've seen your grade records from your old school, and I think  it would be best to assign you a tutor."

"Are you sure? I've tried tutors before, and nobody was able to teach me because of my dyslexia." 

"Trust me on this. The tutor I'm assigning you has the highest IQ in the school. He should have no problem teaching you."

"Fine, I'll try. What's his name?"

That's how this whole mess started. When I was assigned a tutor, I did not expect the load of drama that came with him.

AN: Takes place BEFORE 'You Posted What?!?' May include some episodes/scenes from the show in random order.

Cover By: PrincessSparkleKitty from FanFiction.

**Winner of "Best Main Character/OC" in the 2015 Lab Rats Award Show**

I really love this! It's really unique compared to the other repetitive Lab Rats fanfics I've come across
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