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I Dare You To...

I Dare You To...

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Sami Melnick By Sashaluv23 Completed

I dare you to...Remove an article of clothing from the player on your left with your teeth. I dare you to...uncap a lipgloss and run it along the wall or floor, and then put some on. I dare you to... *67 a phone and call a friend of yours or a friend of someone else in the room and say youre returning their matchmake ad on the computer and are coming to their house in an hour and tell them to make sure theyve got all the toys ready. I dare you to.. go up to some one you absolutly hate and say your so sexy or I love you.  
 There's only 1 thing to do in the small, boring town of Woodland WA, and that's truth or dare. So when you play; the dares go to the extreme and the truths make you turn beet red. But after a while, like any other game, truth or dare got boring, so all the seniors decided to tweek it to their liking, and now it's only "I dare you to..." and whoever completes the most dares is considered the king/queen of the seniors, and right now, that title has been ruled by Zac Sanders for the past 3 years.   
Then, when Aaron Vene, a new girl from Cali comes in, she takes the challenge of taking on Zac, and starts a neverending game of "i dare you to.."   From running around the whole school nude, to flashing a teacher in the hallway, Zac is determined to make Aaron lose, and maybe get a fling in there too; Aaron on the other hand, wants to prove she can be more than just the shy new girl who falls for the hottest guy in school.  
 So will their rivalry of dares and evil smirks be just that, or blossom into a fling of hot makeouts and funny moments...with a pinch of hidden jealousy?

DoveyMel DoveyMel Aug 31, 2016
OMG I just realized that the White Castle isn't the restaurant!!!
loveorrunaway loveorrunaway Dec 31, 2016
Check out my story guys❤️F4f or vote for vote will work😊
Lindess Lindess Jun 27, 2016
But she would've had to have seen that look already. Or at least enough so that she knows what it means. Right?
-sighsyd -sighsyd Jul 16, 2016
But not a slutt queen... please no!! It'll turn into Mean Girls 2 or something
When you realize she's a girl... I fricken thought it was a guy who was partly gay for a minute...