Just another act of love...
Well done! Interesting, powerful, and complex, this work just exudes confidence on the authors level, not so much from the narrator (obviously, I'm pretty sure that's intentional) Anyways, my point is, this is awesome!
Some hard work must have gone into this poem with its uneasy architecture. I admire your obvious complicated thought during its construction. It sure echoes the intricacies of certain relationships.
yeap honestly i had to use dictionary to understand certain words. nice effort. well deserved. I like reading poems. go through my story' wrong number'
@MaybeImFearless Much thanks, glad you liked it....=)
A feast of vivid vocabulary leading us through this episodic emotive tale>
                                    Gets my vote
@theamateur Thanks for the cool comment. Glad you liked it...=)
                                    As for the blabbering, that's fine. I'm rather used to it......;D