One Step Forward ≠ Servamp FF

One Step Forward ≠ Servamp FF

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Music often brings people together in unexpected ways, as it speaks naught to the person, but to the core of their being.

Shirota Mahiru is coaxed into accompanying his friends to a free mall live show, globally hosted every year by STRIKE Organization, an internationally famous group in the music industry. He does not, however, bear any particular interest towards such things. This opinion is altered greatly as the front act band, Sloth, begins to play a tune he was not familiar with, yet had felt.

A few months after the live show, Sloth disbands.

Mahiru's changed opinion and view on music, along with his newly-acquired skill of playing the guitar, leads him a year later to face the apartment door of Sloth's former vocalist, Kuro, his instrument in hand. He reaches out to Kuro, whose complicated situation could not help pave a smoother road to the big stage.

A musician's course isn't exactly the noblest career path, and getting enough members is never an easy task, but Shirota Mahiru is determined to keep it simple; completing the circle despite all odds is top priority.

Music often brings people together in unexpected ways. This story of youth and friendship, formed by interweaving melodies, shines light on the language of the soul.

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