Levi x reader x Eren

Levi x reader x Eren

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On your first day on the scouting regiment you saved the life of one of the special operation squad soldiers. You are called to see commander Rivaille. What does he want?

As you leave commander Rivaille's office you bump into Eren. 

Who you will you choose?

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Anime_Girl_2222 Anime_Girl_2222 3 days ago
I swear to my freckled Jesus if Sasha takes my food I will release the rath of Erwin beautiful eyebrows onto her! Idk...
ranza77 ranza77 6 days ago
No he’s just scared to show his emotions because he’s a big (well small😁) fluffy teddy bear
Meh he can be a little bit* Levi walks in * what was that bloody snow or should I say Mimi * AAAAAAAHHHHH I was just being honest help mah * nope Mimi you stay in a training class for 2 weeks 😏 😏😏😏😎 😎😎
Unicorns, rainbows, animals, sparkles, waterfalls, paradise idk
SweetieSis SweetieSis Jan 29
And Eren also wont die because he is the main character... HE HAD THAT TITAN SEURUM THING INJECTED INTO HIM AS AN EXPERIMENT AND HE DIDNT EVEN DIE
KasiePotter KasiePotter Feb 07
Just imagine that: 
                              (Y/n):*carries bridal style a guy who is twice bigger than her*
                              The guy:*blushes*