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Indomitable Rejected Human

Indomitable Rejected Human

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Jenni By jennib2016 Completed

  I slowly looked up to see shocked ocean blue eyes staring intently at me. I grimaced because my mate had to be the player, my soon-to-be Alpha, Selden Woods. He scowled, pulling his hands away, making my heart sink deep into my chest. My fists clenched involuntarily. He smirked and gave me a once over. I knew what was going to come out of his mouth.
  "I, Selden Woods, reject you, Alessa Sartori, as my mate." Just as I was about to respond, the pack slut, Darla, came in and wrapped her slimy hands around him. I gave them a disgusted look, which the slut smirked at. Selden looked hurt but immediately recovered with his famous smirk. 
  I gave him a disappointed look, focusing my attention on my water. I finished drinking it, squeezed the bottle and threw it in the sink. I was just about to make my way to my room when Darla pushed me, but I barely stumbled. I turned to face her. 
  "What, bitch?" she snarled. I started shaking, losing control of my body. I slammed her against the counter roughly. She whimpered, then snarled. She pushed me, making me fall back and hit my head painfully against the counter. I got up and completely lost it. I lunged at her, pushing her down to the ground. I began to punch her repeatedly, hearing the cracking of her nose. She was screaming, but it was faint. I felt someone pull me back, feeling sparks. I turned to find Selden gripping my arms, keeping me in place. I glared at him, hatred consuming my being. I pulled away from him roughly. He looked hurt, but I was far from caring.
  "Go on and play nurse with your slut," I spat, pushing past him and making my way to my room. 
  *****Note: This is different from usual rejection stories. I have plenty of twists, I promise. Enjoy! :)

AtsukoLoxar AtsukoLoxar Feb 09
The slut picked a fight with the Alpha' daughter?! He REJECTED the Alpha's daughter?! THAT IS MESSED UP.
-kikyo- -kikyo- Nov 08, 2014
why thank you ooh does anyone want to go to candy land to eat SKITTLES and COTTON CANDY?!?!