The Aliveagainers

The Aliveagainers

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Paul By paulalexgray Completed

Haunted by memories, a thief reluctantly leads a group of survivors to escape a city filled with horrors.

But the journey isn't easy. Desperate strangers pose a very real threat, while one of the group seems to be changing into something... or someone else. And no matter where they go there is the feeling that something haunts them... something not of this life draws near...

As the world falls apart they are plagued by the echo of angry whispers of them... The ones the boy calls Aliveagainers.


A novella for fans of tragedy, horror, paranormal, survival tales and a dash of magic - and also an unexpected love story. 
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Daniel_Barnett Daniel_Barnett Jul 28, 2017
You have a good sense of voice, and what seems to be a post-apocalyptic world overrun by ghostlike beings is really interesting. Thanks for sharing.
RENZOE88 RENZOE88 Dec 03, 2017
This is a kind of stories I din't plan to read at first. then I just read a few chapters, then I look at my watch and its 2 am already.
aYsha_21 aYsha_21 Feb 15, 2016
Last time?? For how long has he not peeped out??? Curious to know what's going on! ✌
kurokochii2 kurokochii2 Jul 13, 2016
Is this supposed to be about an arcade game or a robot or something?
                              0therwise, good composition
annettagunnxx annettagunnxx Oct 01, 2016
I love it. I enjoy reading your short stories, they make me wonder so much more than what you're telling us as readers. This was a lovey piece and I hope to read many more of your pieces.