Flirting with Disaster

Flirting with Disaster

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Jordan Casey has a problem.  His name is Grant Matthews.

She doesn't like him, has no desire to be around him, and would be happier if he would disappear, and Grant feels the same.

And then one fateful lapse in judgement changed it all...

When Grant accidentally throws Jordan into the spotlight with him, they're forced to face their differences and decide if they can work together to dig themselves out of the mess he's created.

It's a do or die and there's no other way out.

This is:  Flirting with Disaster

Fun story my uncle room me and my 3 brother out shooting and he set up a bottle really far away and out of 4 kids I was the only one to actually hit the target
numerals numerals Jul 31
the only country I listen to is old Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood
numerals numerals Jul 31
I used to be friends with all the good girls and it was actually so fun
numerals numerals Jul 31
me just now. I moved a week ago and changed so much about myself for the better
Mayabannana Mayabannana 7 days ago
The funny thing is in front the e ntire school I'm a shy cute girl who's sister was a superstar but in my homeroom I'm the pretty feisty chick who is the class monitor and is the tallest and prettiest girl
My dad said he is going to teach me how to change oil, tire, etc when I get a car before the driving around part