Flirting with Disaster

Flirting with Disaster

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-- Will be edited & revised soon --

Jordan Casey has a problem.  His name is Grant Matthews.

She doesn't like him, has no desire to be around him, and would be happier if he would disappear, and Grant feels the same.

And then one fateful lapse in judgement changed it all...

When Grant accidentally throws Jordan into the spotlight with him, they're forced to face their differences and decide if they can work together to dig themselves out of the mess he's created.

It's a do or die and there's no other way out.

This is:  Flirting with Disaster

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randomist_x randomist_x Nov 09
But 16 and 21? (Its not the five year thing that’s bothering me cause i think age gaps are hot but just the fact that its a 21 year old and a sixteen year old)
Cat calls are so annoying like some dude asked for my number and I’m like “boy I’m 12”
Niralo2003 Niralo2003 3 days ago
Ur so gorgeous I can’t say anything to ur face TAYLOR SWIFT IS GROWING UP IM CRYING
Amber241 Amber241 Nov 13
I was 14 🤦🏽‍♀️ I think I’m the eldest in these comments 😂😂
_wnadeena _wnadeena 3 days ago
i know she's probably helping her out but girl let her do this by herself
GDNxght GDNxght 3 days ago
The tire thing I agree with. But I think the owning of guns in general isn't good.