Taming the Bad Boy

Taming the Bad Boy

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"I try to control my anger, I really do." He looked so broken, I couldn't do anything but stroke his cheek as a tear fell down his face. I kissed his tears away one by one...


Meet Joy, a painfully shy girl when it comes to strangers, but spunky and kind once you get to know her. With her problem, it's not easy moving to a new school, and meeting new people. Not to mention she's only had one friend in her entire life! 

Now meet Hunter, your typical bad boy. His anger gets out of control, and he keeps everybody at least an arm length away. Except for his best friend Nate, and maybe, just maybe the new girl named Joy. 

Through thick and thin, through secrets, lies, and love, Joy and Hunter teach each other many things, feeling things they have never felt before. 

But first, we will have to tame the bad boy. 

Please give my story a try!

batmanland1 batmanland1 Jul 15
Hahahahaha i just woke up my parents and got grounded😂😂😂😂😂
If You Got the Eyes and the Smile I'm Gonna Be All Over You😂.... Ok Maybe Not All Over you but Its Possible I'll Be Drooling From Afar😂.
Omg girl I got 18 people of my friends to read your story and they love it keep going girl
Ogeenee Ogeenee Jul 15
ive always had a weakness for bad boys..... 
                              Strong and hard... but there's always a soft and protective streak hidden somewhere.
Damn bro u got some serious anger issues... I shouldn't be talking cuz I do too
Two chapters in and I'm already crying. Thanks alot Author~ Snepai.