Nikki Dean and Blaine Roy are different in many ways. Nikki's parents are never home, causing a giant wave in her life. Blaine Roy, the daughter of famous actor, Darren Roy. Blaine and her family are staying in California for the summer, CALIFORNIA! What Blaine doesn't know is that she'd never expect to become friends with Nikki Dean! This story is about long distance friendship, growing up, making new friends, and most of all, staying true to yourself as you do so.
I like this story because it isn't all about falling in love while in high school which almost never really happens. It's just a story about friends, no falling in love or breakups, just friendship. I love it (:
So so interesting! Loving your title and cover. (I'll have to read it soon) Read my story please <3. - Btw I love this!
Cuuuuuuuuuute!!! i love it! keep it up girl... to the next chhhaaappy ^.^
Lol xD Pretty good I didnt think she would kno the girl's middle name
good story so far, i really like nikki's answer at the end