Four Witch Sisters In Training

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Four Witch Sisters, $tarr, Dream, Colleen, and Clover, are known as the Element Sisters, sisters to help fight against a threat, Be. With their parents captured,  do they have what it takes to fulfill the prophecy? Better yet, can they sleep on the forest ground, learn to fight with their magic without knowing how, and better yet, keeping sane during all of this?
                                    ** omg so good!! Is there going to be a sequel????!***
I'm reading this again cuz i love it. By the way, I like their names!
i loved it! i to would like to know what the doller sigh is there for.
i luv this! srry im a big fan of like paranormal and fantasy...and romance for that fact.
                                    tht's a long chapter
                                    i voted!  . ... .TWICE!
I like them already, this seems like it's going to be a very fun ride :)
Oh this is really interesting and cute too. I really like there names too, lol. ($tarr, Dream, Colleen & Clover) How did you come up with the name? ^_^