YouTuber X Reader [Lemon One-Shots]

YouTuber X Reader [Lemon One-Shots]

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Jamie Leckenby By MoonlitJay Updated Jul 26, 2016

~Your POV~

I am visiting my good friends, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, and the unfortunate thing is...that's all we'll ever be...just good friends...well was I wrong about that. As soon as I rang the door bell, they were both practically on me. They carried me into Ian's bedroom, and by the way they were acting...they were..."excited" to see me...

They were obviously horny as well, as they pinned me down on the bed, Ian removed my pants and thong, Anthony, my shirt and bra, as well as their own pants. As Ian shoved his large cock into my vagina, Anthony shoved his into my mouth, I sucked on Anthony's dick as Ian fucked my pussy. Ian hot my g-spot, making me moan against Anthony and his hardness, and Ian did the same thing, making a knot form inside my womb, as I moaned again, pleasuring Anthony as he thrusted in and out of my mouth. Ian then shifted me into the doggy-style position. Being better for both men. Then Ian did something I never thought Ian would do. He shoved his thumb ...

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The_sinning_potato The_sinning_potato Apr 19, 2017
                              IT WAS FÚCKING PEWDIEPIE
                              CLASSIC SWAPFELL FRESH:Y'ALLL NEEEED JESUS!
Vailent_Larte Vailent_Larte Jun 16, 2016
11 inches is almost impossible for any man. A dick can go from 5-9 inches. Not 11 because that will tear it up in there!
Jimmyjr1148 Jimmyjr1148 Jul 26, 2016
You make it go straight to the point try something different
Jack_FrostMiracle Jack_FrostMiracle Mar 07, 2016
Me: (Skims a little bit) OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OHHHHH. (Nose bleeds) (Eyes roll up) xd
Fan_gurl31 Fan_gurl31 Jul 13, 2015
11 inches?!?!?!?!....... 
                              OMFG!!!!!!!! 0////////////0
                              ⁄(⁄ ⁄⁄Д⁄⁄ ⁄)⁄
JamieLeckenby JamieLeckenby Apr 01, 2015
I guess I just like getting straight to the point. :/ sorry for the shortness though