One Last Time- Percy Jackson

One Last Time- Percy Jackson

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Warning: this is a torture fic. Expect what is to be expected from a torture fic.

Everything changed for Percy when his half-brother came to camp.

Rumours started around Percy when his brother blamed him for stuff he didn't do.

Soon, the Seven turned their backs on him.

So Percy does what he always does in stories like this and runs away from camp. You know, the usual. 

But wait. What if this was exactly what Percy wanted? What if this was all part of his plan, and his brother was on his side all this time?

What exactly IS Percy's goal?


Content might be inaccurate since I haven't read the Percy Jackson series in a long time. My knowledge of BoO is limited to Fanfictions.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Rick Riordan. Cover image does not belong to me. I own nothing. Not the characters world, cover image, only the plot and OC(s).