Earth: Book 2(Avatar the Last Airbender Fanfic)

Earth: Book 2(Avatar the Last Airbender Fanfic)

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Christina By Kamuiouka Completed

Ky has conquered pirates, volcanos, face stealers and firebenders. Now she and the gaang are searching for an earthbending teacher. But when Ky and Aang's feelings for each other get stronger, things get more complicated than they need to be. Join them in the second part of the four part series. 


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tri-force66 tri-force66 Feb 13
tri-force66 tri-force66 Feb 13
*song plays* can i have yo sister 4 the rest of my life, say yes ,say yes cuz I need 2 know lolXD
SwanSong3 SwanSong3 May 04
still laugh every time...
                              *these scrolls will help teach you a sacred art*
                              *This water has special healing propertied , that can heal anything*
                              *Sokka, take care*
Winneapolis Winneapolis Jun 13, 2015
Do they actually say this? 'Cause if they did ( I can't remember ) then Aang should have known his name from they beginning of the challenges
clueless__writer clueless__writer Nov 25, 2014
I love your writing! I have my own take on Katara and Sokka's little sister coming out in the future. Be sure to check it out when I do! Keep posting!