Tell Me Im Frozen

Tell Me Im Frozen

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Skye Lee White By UnderDarkness Completed

'Winters Coming Early This Year Everything Will Be Frozen,'

I warned them but they just never listen do they?

But Nether do I...I wish I had...If I had...Maybe...Just Maybe...I could be free...But I didn't...And im not...I am Frozen...No one had to tell me...I already know...Im Elsa Arendelle...Sister Of Anna Arendelle...I am The Snow Queen...

DisneyWorks High is like any other school located in a town called Pixar. The only problem is the gangs. The town is split in two your either on the Nightmares side or the Snowflakes? Each side has a story. Which ones true? Nobody knows. Elsa is the school nerd, shes weak and quiet, or so it might seem. What nobody knows is Elsa has a secret one nobody would have guessed shes none other than the snow queen.


(rotBTFD) (Modern AU) (Jelsa) (Mericcup)

A/N: The description sucks but I hope you give it a shot:)

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I have to confess...
                              I just came for the "winter is coming" thing, but this turned out to be good, like really good.
                              (GAME OF THRONES FANS WILL UNDERSTAND THIS *-*)
Yeah you're right pens are weapons. I go a cut from a pen at school before
Derpy_Nerd Derpy_Nerd Jun 13
Oh... This is gonna make some very awkward conversations when they find out each others secrets
I knew it was RAPUNZEL the second I saw painter then it was like long hair and I was like CONFIRMED
the_laughing_one the_laughing_one May 16, 2015
Hwo is Duke, from which movie? And hwo is James Hook? Is he from Peter Pan or what?
colleen011 colleen011 Apr 15, 2015
I felt like it was confusing but 8 noticed that it got better and that you added the p.o.vs thank srry