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Tell Me Im Frozen

Tell Me Im Frozen

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Skye Lee White By UnderDarkness Completed

'Winters Coming Early This Year Everything Will Be Frozen,'

I warned them but they just never listen do they?

But Nether do I...I wish I had...If I had...Maybe...Just Maybe...I could be free...But I didn't...And im not...I am Frozen...No one had to tell me...I already know...Im Elsa Arendelle...Sister Of Anna Arendelle...I am The Snow Queen...

DisneyWorks High is like any other school located in a town called Pixar. The only problem is the gangs. The town is split in two your either on the Nightmares side or the Snowflakes? Each side has a story. Which ones true? Nobody knows. Elsa is the school nerd, shes weak and quiet, or so it might seem. What nobody knows is Elsa has a secret one nobody would have guessed shes none other than the snow queen.


(rotBTFD) (Modern AU) (Jelsa) (Mericcup)

A/N: The description sucks but I hope you give it a shot:)

*Slowly being edited*

WATTTTTTT?!?!!!! wait that's why she was thinking about CHOCOLATE!!!!
Evis19216 Evis19216 Dec 23, 2016
James hook?? As in Captain Hook?? As in Killian Jones?? As in Colin o'donoghue?? Because if it is him something is wrong because my Killy wouldn't hurt anyone unless they where hurting Emma
baekpuppy_chanyoda baekpuppy_chanyoda Feb 07, 2016
Yeah you're right pens are weapons. I go a cut from a pen at school before
_GirlOfManyFandoms_ _GirlOfManyFandoms_ Aug 09, 2016
I knew it was RAPUNZEL the second I saw painter then it was like long hair and I was like CONFIRMED
the_laughing_one the_laughing_one May 16, 2015
Hwo is Duke, from which movie? And hwo is James Hook? Is he from Peter Pan or what?
colleen011 colleen011 Apr 15, 2015
I felt like it was confusing but 8 noticed that it got better and that you added the p.o.vs thank srry