The Alphas Special Mate

The Alphas Special Mate

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Cyndel Fouts By Cyndel_Fouts Completed

(This book is completely unedited.)

Sophie and James's are twins with blonde hair sophie has the bright green eyes and James has the bright blue eyes. there parents travel a lot so Sophie and James live in the pack house with the pack Sophie and James may look like normal wolves now but when a change comes will it be good or bad.

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vampmer0 vampmer0 Feb 20, 2017
I like it already but that has no periods except at the end. Just thought that was funny but other than that it's really  good!😊
KoalaBear389 KoalaBear389 Feb 26, 2016
Have you ever tried Brackets? Y'know this thing -->"""""""""<---
rizzie242 rizzie242 May 04, 2016
Good story but needs  quatations because the speech is not clear for instance martha said "I dont feel good to day "
Cyndel_Fouts Cyndel_Fouts Apr 10, 2015
@thepantonfamily then stop tucking reading it no one told u that u had to read it
OliveTree1227 OliveTree1227 Apr 09, 2015
Oh my god my cod is killing me when a person is talking you uses these " in the beginning and the end of a person speaking. And when a different person is speaking its a new paragraph
JulissaRivera59 JulissaRivera59 Apr 06, 2015
You need to add quotation marks for when people are speaking.