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The Alphas Special Mate

The Alphas Special Mate

76.6K Reads 3K Votes 33 Part Story
Cyndel Fouts By _Miss_Independent_ Completed

Sophie and James's are twins with blonde hair sophie has the bright green eyes and James has the bright blue eyes. there parents travel a lot so Sophie and James live in the pack house with the pack Sophie and James may look like normal wolves now but when a change comes will it be good or bad.
Btw this book is not edited. I'm fixing it at this moment thxs.

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vampmer0 vampmer0 5 days ago
I like it already but that has no periods except at the end. Just thought that was funny but other than that it's really  good!😊
KoalaBear389 KoalaBear389 Feb 26, 2016
Have you ever tried Brackets? Y'know this thing -->"""""""""<---
rizzie242 rizzie242 May 04, 2016
Good story but needs  quatations because the speech is not clear for instance martha said "I dont feel good to day "
_Miss_Independent_ _Miss_Independent_ Apr 10, 2015
@thepantonfamily then stop tucking reading it no one told u that u had to read it
OliveTree1227 OliveTree1227 Apr 09, 2015
Oh my god my cod is killing me when a person is talking you uses these " in the beginning and the end of a person speaking. And when a different person is speaking its a new paragraph
_Miss_Independent_ _Miss_Independent_ Apr 08, 2015
sorry it must have changed it that wasn't the original word I used