Skeppy and BadBoyHalo

Skeppy and BadBoyHalo

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SshenSpike By SwanSpike Updated 10 hours ago

Well hello! Thanks for stopping by to check out my story! I will just go over some quick things in this summary (there's a whole introduction page so that's why I'll only go over little things)

This story contains:
No smut (for many reasons)
Not very much angst and lime (But I can try and add more)
A main storyline 
Some soulmate AU's
Some random AU's I came up with
Some doggos (Later in the chapters)
Obviously Skeppy, BadBoyHalo and A6D
And a few other things you will soon read about.

Also this story gets better as the chapters progress (I promise)

If you do not support LGBTQ or you are Homophobic, I HIGHLY suggest you don't read this.

But if you do support LGBTQ and your not a homophobe, then enjoy the story!

Well I mean I think this story I made is HoRrIbLe. But you might see it different.

At Least I hope lol.

Cover artist (Thank you so much for making it): @skeppyBBHA6D

If you want to read another SkepHalo story go read @Maren_666 's SkepHalo story. It's really good and I highly suggest you read hers! (Unfortunately she had to delete her account ;( if you want to read it, DM me on discord and I'll send the pictures cause I have it saved)

Well that's really it enjoy the story!

At least I hope you will...

Oh uh also A6D if you stumble across this story...

Prepare to cringe my guy...