South Park One Shots

South Park One Shots

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Stan and you had been friends for several years, since really third or fourth grade when you moved here. You had always liked him too, but it was always Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. She hurt him every time too, which made it worse since you were right there! You were shaken out of your hatred of Wendy, and love for Stan when the angel himself tapped on your shoulder when you were walking home from school. 

"Hey, (y/n)!" He beamed, moving his raven black hair from his eyes, which made his blue eyes shine like they always did, you felt myself melting. 

"Oh, h-hey Stan." You smiled a bit, shakily trying to keep your cool. He frowned, "Wendy broke up with me again." You could tell he was tearing up as he looked down at his shoes. You sighed, putting your hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. 

He looked at me, more confidence in his face this time, "I want you to come to the hilltop tonight.." He grinned, running off before you could answer him. You waited until about six, and you ...

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trashcantown trashcantown Feb 13, 2015
I've read like every single Reader x South Park character and I just now found yours and I'm really happy cause I kept re-reading old ones but now I have new ones ;D
MeltedMarshmallowz_ MeltedMarshmallowz_ Jul 30, 2014
Awesome chapter :3 loved how sweet it was (the chapter and the coffee XD)
ArufaRemi ArufaRemi Sep 25, 2018
And I'll eventually spontaneously combust and poof, I'm gone.