More Than a Step Brother - a Luke Hemmings fanfiction

More Than a Step Brother - a Luke Hemmings fanfiction

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Leslie Hemmings By slay5sos Updated Dec 16, 2015

Leslie Hudson's father Nathan Hudson has been dating Luke Hemmings mother for about a year now.

When Leslie's mom died she had her last wish and that was for her daughter to be happy and for her husband to find love again, when her husband finds love again him and his daughter move in with Luke's mom Liz.

After months of getting to live in the house hold she finally realized why she had never met her so called stepbrother that is because he is the one and only famous Luke Hemmings  who is in the world wide famous band 5sos.

The moment Luke steps foot in the house sparks fly right away. When Nathan and Liz go out to their honey moon and leave Luke and Leslie alone, what will happen ? as they get to know each other does she think of him just as a stepbrother or will he become more than a stepbrother ?

_whymii_ _whymii_ Apr 17
Lol "are you okay mate" 
                              I'm Aussie so this made me laugh 😂
Okay so if Luke is famous in this book like normal 
                              And she's a fan kinda I guess 
                              Wouldn't you kinda think it was weird that Liz is the name of Luke's mom and Liz has a son named luke and there last name is hemmings 
Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days, when our mommas sang us to sleep but now I'm stressed out
It's kinda weird that there stepbrother and stepsister and gonna date but okie :)
baekbama baekbama Dec 27, 2014
I thought it said that her father had been dating luke hemmings XD
logan_r5 logan_r5 Aug 26, 2014
Hey, I just read it. It's really good, babe(: But like when you're writing, make sure they're sentances. (Did I spell that right?) Like, just make sure they aren't run on sentances. It'll make it a little clearer. x