The Bad Prince Type (ohshc fanfic)

The Bad Prince Type (ohshc fanfic)

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black_rabbit09 By black_rabbit09 Updated Jul 23

The Akito clan is known world wide to be famous for hosting. but the problem is that most of the Akito clan is full of women so young sora Akito (girl) is forced to cut her long hair and look like a male, in order to to be both a host and hostess for her clan. this happens whenever there are more females than males in this clan.
what happens if sora meets a certain host club ?

what happens if certain someones falls for her??

There's more to what this story description is telling you so..

~read to find out ~

I'm sorry to be the grammar police, but fix your GODDAMN GRAMMAR
Oh my globness I say Lolz to.....I don't say Lolz know what I mean
Katsu-K Katsu-K Nov 23, 2015
Pffft I cant even XD it seems everyone see's the sebby in her
Katsu-K Katsu-K Nov 23, 2015
That's not fairrrrr =3= why does only sakura get to be a female host.....